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This Isn’t about Disney – – Well, I Mention It.

imagesThis has been a great year for Star Wars fans. With the announcement of Disney’s purchase of the franchise came the announcement of three more movies! I can’t tell you how excited I am to know that I can experience the thrill of watching a new Star Wars movie in the theater once again. So, why are Star Wars fans so excited? I mean we have the Clone Wars, the 3D releases, and a never ending supply of Star Wars merchandise. What will these new movies bring to an old franchise?

As much as I love the Clone Wars (and I do), watching the Clone Wars isn’t the same as seeing a movie at the theater. Clone Wars has helped to fill in the gaps that Episode II and III did not cover. However, it deals once again with the Prequels. Since the release of the Prequels, we have gotten nothing but the Prequels and that’s fine. Returning to the Originals will breathe new life into this franchise. Those who witnessed the Originals when they were first released will enjoy seeing the same story line again.

When The Phantom Menace was released in 3D, I was excited, and I had a great time watching it again at the theaters. The 3D movies are fun, but the announcement of three new movies has Star Wars fans forgetting the 3Ds and focusing on any information on the new movies. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys watching a movie in 3D. As fun as it was to watch the movie in the theaters, in reality, it’s not nearly as fun as watching a NEW Star Wars movie in the theaters. Remember the thrill of finding out bits of information concerning The Phantom Menace movies? I remember how I would search the internet back in the ‘90s trying to find any information about The Phantom Menace and cutting articles out of the newspaper and magazines. Good times.StarWarsEpisode7_high

Lastly, Star Wars merchandise has continued to be created since the ‘70s. Sure, it has had its ups and downs over the years, but Star Wars merchandise has continued to be a favorite of collectors. For collectors, the announcement of the new movies will bring new action figures, posters, and cereal boxes. There will be new characters to collect and sell. These new movies will secure Star Wars merchandise for many years to come.

For me the upcoming movies will not only attract younger viewers, but will also introduce them to the Original characters. If the rumors are true, they will be introduced to Leia, Luke, and maybe Han. They will see another side of Star Wars other than the Prequels. Older fans of Star Wars will experience their beloved characters all over again. There is a lot of exciting stuff ahead for us, and I am so excited to be experiencing it.

May the Force be with You!

Written By: Kristy Trowbridge


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Star Wars Room




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Written By: Kristy Trowbridge

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A Gift! Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything.


 “My ally is the force, and what a powerful ally it is”

From the artist @potatowast3 (Follow him on the Twitters) enjoy this cool original Star Wars art. Simple print these out and you can create some amazing stickers or just about anything! A special treat for you this Star Wars Friday!

Written By: Kristy Trowbridge


Star Wars Room….. I mean Christmas Tree

Changing things up a bit. Just put up my Star Wars Christmas tree so I thought I would share some cool stuff to display on your Star Wars tree.

Hallmark 2012 Ornaments

Darth Vader Peekbuster

Keepsake Ornament


General Grievous

Keepsake Ornament

 16th in the Star Wars™ series.


Han Solo to the Rescue

Keepsake Ornament


This is my Star Wars Ornament that I just purchased. Notice it’s a Lego Stormtrooper. 🙂

Imperial Stormtrooper™

Keepsake Ornament



Boba Fett and Han Solo Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back



2006 Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Asajj Ventress, Anakin

Skywalker, and Yoda Ornament



This ornament will remind you of the year Disney purchased Star Wars.

Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Hat Star Wars R2D2 Limited

Edition Ornament



It’s Biff’s dad!

Momaw Nadon – Star Wars 2012 Hallmark Event Ornament



Don’t Forget the Tree Topper!

Kurt S. Adler Star Yoda Tree Topper


My Tree

Got a Star Wars tree? Email me your Star Wars Holiday Decorations and I’ll post it on the blog!

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Denver Comic Con Star Wars News

Looks like our favorite Wookie will be a guest at Denver Comic Con!


This year Denver Comic Con will be May 31 – June 2 located at the Colorado Convention Center. For more information click here:

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Clone Words – EXTRA – Ep. 2 – The Miniature Jedi

I was honored to be a guest for The Forcebook Fan Girls Podcast Clone Words. Please check out the podcast and the Forcebook Website!


Host                       Guests

@strwrsgrl           @Kweh-chan

@mcjazzie           @supergirlgeek – me! 😉

The Forcebook:

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes 6 & 7 Review

Can I just say that the last two episodes of The Clone Wars were by far my favorite? Both episodes had great story lines, introduced us to some amazing new characters, and gave us a peek at  how padawans are trained. Both shows had plenty of action yet, balanced well between adult viewers and young viewers.

The first episode The Gathering shows us how young padawans acquire their lightsaber crystals. Before, writing this blog, I had to ask one of my friends  (an Expanded Universe expert) if the EU ever mentioned how lightsabers were constructed. According to him they had, and judging from what he said there are slight differences between the EU and the Clone Wars.  I also haven’t heard any complaints from EU fans, so the changes seemed to have been taken well.

As for me, it was fun to learn how young padawans had to find their personal crystal. Each one had to face their greatest fear or personal emotional handicap, and all had to trust the Force in the end. What really made the episode were the young padawans. My favorite so far is Byph. Byph reminds me of me, always chosen last in activities and scared of creepy dark places. I was cheering for him during the entire first episode! We also were introduced to a Wookie named Gungi, which is nice considering we often don’t see Wookie characters on the Clone Wars.

It  was also about time Ashoka had the role of teacher. She reminds me so much of Obi Wan Kenobi, that I always felt she could be an excellent teacher. Also, Yoda made an appearance. I have been frustrated for many seasons because Yoda played such small roles. This role for him still wasn’t a big role, but at least we saw him for the entire first episode.

In A Test of Strength, we meet David Tennant’s character Professor Huyang, who is a robot that builds the Jedi lightsabers. David Tennant’s role was small, but it was so nice to hear his voice. For me, I didn’t see any Dr. Who resemblance in the robot which was good since he is portraying a different character. What really frustrated me about this episode was the Harry Potterish feel to the first scene. Professor Huyang remembering every Jedi’s lightsaber and having a room filled with lightsaber parts reminded me of Harry walking into the wand shop.  I also felt that a Jedi choosing his or her lightsaber should be a serious and solemn event, not a childish walk through Diagon Alley.

A popular character that showed up on scene was Hondo. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I love Hondo’s character, but does he have to show up in every story arc? I don’t need to see him all the time. He is a great character, but let’s not abuse it. I suppose now that Disney has purchased Star Wars Hondo could sit besides Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow at a theme park. 😉

Returning to A Test of Strength, the best scene for me was when Ashoka accidentally was shoved off the ship – that was the point I choked on my coffee. There she was hanging for dear life, trying to kick the pirates off, and then suddenly she’s gone. My first thought, they’ve killed her off, I was wrong. My second thought, what a crappy way for her to die. However, we then see that she and Hondo were miraculously saved, and she is now his prisoner this means Hondo will show up in the next episode. UGH.

Overall I did enjoy these episodes and look forward to the next. I really can’t wait to see where they will take these young padawans. Sad to think that they will be executed by Anakin in Episode III, just a side note. Can’t wait to see more!

*By the way my EU friend is from An Elegant Weapon Podcast. Follow him @jediras and his podcasting buddy @potatowast3 on the Twitters.  May the Force be with You!