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This Isn’t about Disney – – Well, I Mention It.

imagesThis has been a great year for Star Wars fans. With the announcement of Disney’s purchase of the franchise came the announcement of three more movies! I can’t tell you how excited I am to know that I can experience the thrill of watching a new Star Wars movie in the theater once again. So, why are Star Wars fans so excited? I mean we have the Clone Wars, the 3D releases, and a never ending supply of Star Wars merchandise. What will these new movies bring to an old franchise?

As much as I love the Clone Wars (and I do), watching the Clone Wars isn’t the same as seeing a movie at the theater. Clone Wars has helped to fill in the gaps that Episode II and III did not cover. However, it deals once again with the Prequels. Since the release of the Prequels, we have gotten nothing but the Prequels and that’s fine. Returning to the Originals will breathe new life into this franchise. Those who witnessed the Originals when they were first released will enjoy seeing the same story line again.

When The Phantom Menace was released in 3D, I was excited, and I had a great time watching it again at the theaters. The 3D movies are fun, but the announcement of three new movies has Star Wars fans forgetting the 3Ds and focusing on any information on the new movies. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys watching a movie in 3D. As fun as it was to watch the movie in the theaters, in reality, it’s not nearly as fun as watching a NEW Star Wars movie in the theaters. Remember the thrill of finding out bits of information concerning The Phantom Menace movies? I remember how I would search the internet back in the ‘90s trying to find any information about The Phantom Menace and cutting articles out of the newspaper and magazines. Good times.StarWarsEpisode7_high

Lastly, Star Wars merchandise has continued to be created since the ‘70s. Sure, it has had its ups and downs over the years, but Star Wars merchandise has continued to be a favorite of collectors. For collectors, the announcement of the new movies will bring new action figures, posters, and cereal boxes. There will be new characters to collect and sell. These new movies will secure Star Wars merchandise for many years to come.

For me the upcoming movies will not only attract younger viewers, but will also introduce them to the Original characters. If the rumors are true, they will be introduced to Leia, Luke, and maybe Han. They will see another side of Star Wars other than the Prequels. Older fans of Star Wars will experience their beloved characters all over again. There is a lot of exciting stuff ahead for us, and I am so excited to be experiencing it.

May the Force be with You!

Written By: Kristy Trowbridge


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Star Wars & Mickey Mouse

I think by now, we have all had time to process the news of Disney purchasing Star Wars. What I have witnessed is that most fans are excited and supportive of this move. I will honestly admit my first reaction was one of disgust, I mean Disney it seems has its hands into everything, and I’m very certain that Mickey Mouse will be running for president soon. However, after reading the articles and hearing what true Star Wars fans have to say, I realized that this only means good things for our beloved franchise.

George Lucas made a very smart business move here. The man isn’t going to live forever, and he does have to make sure that even after he is gone his business and his art will be well taken care of.  Any person who owns their own business, whether it be in entertainment or the local coffee shop, has to make sure that somebody besides themselves can run the business if something happens. The man also deserves to retire and do other things.

Despite the fact I think Disney has its hands in way too much, even I have to admit that Disney is a successful business. Trust me, I am not against the Disney Channel or their movies (they do make some amazing movies, and I did grow up watching the Disney Channel). They are very successful, and I believe they have done well with Marvel. Maybe the fact that they have their hands in everything means that they can see beyond one thing. What I mean is they have experience in making many different types of movies, TV shows, merchandise, etc. I don’t believe they will botch Star Wars; they didn’t with Marvel. George Lucas didn’t simply hand them the keys and walk off. I’m sure they made some kind of plan.

Let’s also keep in mind that we don’t want Star Wars to simply fade away. I’m not a Star Trek hater, but Star Trek isn’t growing either. We don’t see a younger generation of Star Trek fans, but we are with Star Wars. The Prequels and Clone Wars have done that. If you’re not evolving you’re dying. Say what you want about George Lucas, but his focus is to keep Star Wars alive for the next generation.

This is a good thing for us as Star Wars fans. I don’t know how they will handle the movies. I hope they introduce new characters.  Although I love new movies, I also hope that they stay true to what Star Wars is about. The Originals may be old, but they were the foundation of what we have today. Well Disney you now own my soul, and if I can get ahold of some Star Wars Mickey Mouse ears, well I’ll wear them.

May the Force be with you!

– Written By Kristy Trowbridge